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[SLG][ENG][MTL] NTR Legend

Started by Tsuki Kami, August 13, 2020, 04:39:34 PM

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Tsuki Kami

Circle            GoldenBoy
Release            Aug/07/2020
Age Ratings     X-rated
Work Format    Simulation/Inc. Music
File Format    EXE
Genre            Male Protagonist/Ahegao/Gapeface/Cross-section/Dot Pixel/Netorare/Netori/Upskirt/Spy Photo/Corrupted Morals
File Size           234.24MB

Yuzuki is in need of money for her upcoming wedding anniversary.
Then she saw her neighbor looking troubled about the garbages.
Having confidence in her cleaning ability, she offer to do some cleaning for him for a pay
However, Kuzuoka Kuzuoka, was not an ordinary man, he (you) is known as family destroyer/The Disaster
What is her fate of entering her feet in the territory of a man who has led many families to ruin?

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