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[RPG][ENG][MTL] Alice Quest

Started by Tsuki Kami, August 13, 2020, 03:56:35 AM

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Tsuki Kami

Circle            poison
Release            Jun/01/2012
Last Modified    Sep/23/2013
Age Ratings    X-rated
Work Format    RPG/Inc. Voice/Inc. Music
File Format    EXE
Genre            Fantasy/Violation/Gangbang/Tentacle/Queen/Princess/Shrine Maiden
File Size           216.11MB


Princess Alice longed for adventure and escaped the castle walls.
The world glittered with its vastness, and her chest swelled with hopes.
Her quest was inspired by boredom. Joined by one who sought power,
and one who lived for pleasure, their epic tale began.

An extended R-18 assault RPG story on the road to becoming ruler.
Themes of sex assault, gangbang and monster sex (98% r*pe).
Main focus is Alice, but others are also violated.

Lose to any boss to unlock demonic, tentacle, robot assault situations.
Discover events at the Inns at night, incl. human assault and gangr*pe.

When you lose a battle you may choose to restart the battle with full HP and MP.
If you choose not to restart the battle, you will regain full HP and MP but be transported
to the nearest Inn. No worries about losing your progress (no Game Over).

Multiple endings / CG unlocks and replay mode available after you beat the game.

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