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/jp/ VN Project Thread - The Warehouse

Started by Anon2, April 21, 2010, 07:13:59 AM

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Messy Drawfriend


Oh, I guess I should have specified the link:
It's the folder in the OP.

Messy Drawfriend

The Train? That one is amazing. It can use some serious tuning (mainly the opening), but the idea/concept /feel is sweet.


Who's the boss? And where would I paste the plot?

Although I'm not liking the amount of westernization here, you guys sound like you need help and I need to experience.

I write and draw. Only passable at either as well, so go figure. Oh. And apart from schooling I should have shot loads of spare time. Exams are June-ish and November-ish.


Ha, you might want to send an email to Messy Drawfriend, I think he closed down the project from lack of people, you could always take what he has and revive the project if you want to I think.



It has been a month. Late nights aren't conductive to optical workings I suppose.

Well, lack of people was always the problem with group projects. And there are so many places with these kinds of projects; I don't really like the storyline enough to restart this.

I might do something here though; to see if any interest is generated.

Messy Drawfriend

Just start a new project in my opinion. I never liked this to begin with to be honest, never liked the whole brown girl nun idea, or the train otaku thing. Either way, you can find me lurking around 4chan /jp/ if you need me.


Exactly. It's like an amateur westernization of EF and Densha Otoko.

Blah, people are retards.