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/jp/ VN Project Thread - The Warehouse

Started by Anon2, April 21, 2010, 07:13:59 AM

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It's a lot of work to correct sprites when you gotta be so clean and everything...

(sigh, here comes the confession time...)
At the beginning of the work I set up a deadline, and as I proceeded to color there were still a lot of errors left. I decided not fix them since I had already spent too much time on the sketch and I went ahead to finish what I had started. Of course, the end result was anything but satisfying. I could fix them, but this already showed that I'm still not good enough to do it quickly enough while keeping the artwork at decent quality.

I'm out. I never had any real intention to stay longer than the first concept sketches. I kinda wished those first threads had sparked more people into this, but alas, it didn't happen. I don't really benefit from this in any way and the content in this project does not interest me in the slightest, so it's pretty obvious my motivation would sooner or later crumble, so I decided to give up now while it's still young. Even in the best case scenario this would be more burden than it's worth to me.  I go back to my other projects that keep me more than busy.

Good luck, if that matters anymore after what I said.


Lol u mad?

I don't blame you though. My interest has been exponentially decaying since the inception, being the typical /jp/er I am, and now that I actually got a job, it'll be harder to actively participate in something which can be a major time commitment. However, think I'll stick a while longer and see how things go, and help out in bits where I can.

Messy Drawfriend

It would suck to have you leave, but I have no right to stop you even I wanted to. I'm aware it's a lot of work, so I've asked you twice (I believe) if you were up for that task. If you said something, we could've done some rearrangement and you could've just simply do the sketches and let me or another artist handle the lining, coloring, revision, and expressions. There isn't exactly a deadline, nor did you have to follow by it if you wanted to. If you knew you didn't spend a lot of time on it, and you know you did a poor job, do you really expect anyone to praise it like a masterpiece? *sigh* The lack of progresses and threads over the weekend really damaged our morale, and I was hoping today would be the day we build them back up with a new thread...

Stick around, JADF, and see if your interest/motivation comes back later.


Good luck, if that matters anymore after what I said.

I wish you would stick around, because your work is kick ass. But, I understand the motivation thing.

If you don't wanna stay, don't, but, thanks for the help you DID give, it's a great base to work off of.

Best of luck on your other stuff.

Messy Drawfriend

Shanker you going to make a thread today?


Didn't know I was the one incharge of making them, although I could be.

Uh, I don't got the template(Ie, the links to the photobucket stuff and the like).

Give me a bit of time, I just need to finish up a few things around the house, and i can pop one up. Say, half-an hour.

Sorry I was not around earlyer, my alarm did not go off, and I slept like all day.


After getting over the initial shock of the idea, I'll go ahead and say, yes, I'll handle the script, for now. I've got an old friend that will help with some of it, she's been doing narrative work for about 9 years now.

Hit me up with an outline of what you guys would like to see, just things like

"Goes out, confluct, comes back, chats with Nia, goes and helps Lucy"

That kinda stuff.

I don't wanna take over all of it, so, I want your guys input as we chug along with it.

By take over, I mean, make it utterly mine and my firends, we want your guys ideas in there too.


Take it easy guys. No need to get all serious about the project. Doubtful that most contributors even participate on this site, also, you forgot to STATUS UPDATE the thread. If anyone is able to produce fanart or concepts then I suggest you do since it helps keep ideas developing and it's good practice.

I did a doodle on Sunday even though I'm not a drawfag, and then started to edit it in with GIMP but ended getting unsatisfactory results after trying to add details and color. Guess I need more practice.


Though a bit too early... I really strongly suggest we build on Ren'py. The advantages are obvious. Stable, Multi-Platform and seeing how currently short on manpower the project is right now... I would also like to ease some additional burden and volunteer for the programming and GUI part so rest of team can concentrate more on much needed part like writing, sprites and event CG's...

Fuck you mugen, stop advertising renpy, don't you have more productive things to do?

Messy Drawfriend

No, I don't think I will be doing the sprites if there's better artists around. Lovely background you got there by the way, I'm really impressed.


I suggest widescreen HD and Mugen to stop using oversized sprites. I believe someone in the thread has already said he's working on the coding.



I decided to hand draw the BG-CG to match the projects overall vision but before I start drawing rough drafts of the BG-CG's I would like to show this...

Click for fullsize image

I would like to coordinate more with whomever will be doing the sprites (Is it Messy Drawfriend... am I correct?) so I can match the BG's vanishing point and other details with the sprites and for that I needed to know how the sprites are going to be displayed in the screen. If possible, I would also like to know the most likely height or area that will be taken by the textbox (preferably in pixels measured from bottom upwards)

Though I am a strong advocate of Ren'py engine due to it's proven robustness, portability, flexibility and malleability and ease of use (not to mention I'm very familiar with it so I can mold it into any form to suit the projects needs in just a short time)... I would leave the decision to the majority in whatever platform or whomever will be chosen for the GUI and will accept whatever decision is made.

I'm not really liking the NVL format with Ren'Py, though usually I tend to prefer it. It's probably the font, though. Looks kind of messy overlaid onto the character sprite - is there a way to enable font shadows like in Nscripter or Kiri Kiri?


I might perhaps be interested in writing for this project, but there doesn't seem to be anything to write. I've caught a few of these threads on /jp/, and I've noticed that everybody discussing this project has consistently ignored one of the most pertinent issues: the main character. He's been drawn and his circumstances have been discussed, but his personality doesn't seem to have been set in stone. Seeing as the entire world is narrated from his perspective, this is a critical stylistic issue. If the main character's personality isn't completely decided, then the personalities of the girls don't really matter. Of course, I'm not meaning to berate anybody; I'm just pointing out what I believe to be an issue.

Thus, I was wondering if there were more of an idea floating around about who this mysterious person is supposed to be. Being homeless you might think he's inclined to cynicism, but this isn't necessarily true. Maybe his dialogue is more playful like Kurosu or Kenichi? Perhaps he's more melancholic like Kouta? Anyway, I apologize if I seem horribly uneducated about the status of this project, but I still wanted to interject.


All we have on the MC right now is what's in the little script we have. From what I can see there is that he's unkept, smelly, and doesn't care about living anymore. Not much to go on lol, concept art for the MC is out though.

Mugen, I'ld suggest you work on the very first CG, the inside of the apartment full of trash and ramen cups that the MC gets evicted out of, as that's the only scene we have right now written in script, from my views, the room is fairly detailed, including the type posts on the close up CG of the MC's screen and how the sheets are covering the windows, for the computer, I suggest something old and beatup as the MC has been using the same one for the last 6 years, neets don't upgrade their computer that much, so a small LCD beige box should do, probably with little sticky notes taped to it. For the figures, just use, something easily recognizable, (I suggest Miku or Luka). The cg after this one would probably be the MC being dragged out by faceless cops, but since we don't have much concept art of the MC, just work on the room for now, remember that this is a dark, dirty musty room, a good reference is the scenes from NHK the anime.

To sum it up, it's basically 2 cgs for this scene, the room, the computer screen and back to the room, if you really want to be detailed I guess a door cg with sfx, remember that this door will have to be opened in the next cg to reveal the cops and landlord. If you're really looking for things to do it mentions in the script to flesh out the accident flash backs, so it could be worked on if a writefag writes it up.

Taking a closer look on your engine concepts, it's pretty lacking in the functional department, things like the basics, save, load, options for music text speed and such, I also should mention some games have the option to control the transparency levels on the text box, those things could be worked on even without cgs right? The font is hard to read, especially when you have the sprites and backgrounds under it, also, please "don't" hit the readers with full screen walls of text, maybe for the mouse wheel when they want to review what they've read but not normally. I suggest a quick save and quick load function and to have at alot of save slots depending on how many choices and hrs of playtime we decide to churn out.

I kinda want to push that we strive for the superior HD resolution format of 1280*720, for more space for the artist to work with, and because 640*480 and 800*600 is kinda meh in window or fullscreen mode.

Looking at the thread, I'ld suggest you refrain from making comments there for a while, you've seem to built up a pretty extended list of bad rep.