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Anime' fig!

Started by Zerokraust, February 04, 2010, 10:43:49 PM

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Anybody here has extra anime' fig? I'm kneeling down and begging if you could give me one please? Haha  ;D


I don't think the shipping cost of sending anything out of my country is worth it, and one can never have enough figs.

This is now a fig thread.

Old dusty Kos-mos, that I keep on my bookshelf.


My old trusty Saibah guarding my "antique" games.

damn really need to dust that poor thing off.


Wow that's cool!! Haha Actually I'm from the Philippines so anybody here who is from here also may tell me or who is near here haha! Banzaii for this new fig thread!!


My Pride and Joy... My Gundams collection...

Put em pics in a 'spoiler' tag so they wont take up too much forum space by default...




And then.. There's my Fate/Stay Night collection on top of the TV. >_>


Kakoii! That's awesome man! Wish I have a collection like that!!! Hey guys would you mind if I ask if it bothers you if a person has bootleg figs?


That's a kick-butt Gundam collection there. :3


I guess that depends on what it looks like, i haven't seen a bootleg before except pitcures on the internet.


hmmmm some bootlegs looks close to the original figs, sometimes its hard to tell


@People who think my collection kicks @$$.. Thanks guys.. That's all the gundams im proud enough to show.. The 'dusty' and 'unpainted' ones on top of my shelf/cupboard/under the bed in my room.. im abit embarassed to show online.. XDDDD

I've seen (at least i THINK it was) a bootleg Dark Saber swimsuit figurine on a shelf before... And worse still.. Its worth approx 60USD. >_> I dont live in the US so i could only do approxs guys...

I was like.. "WTF!?"

Well.. The reason i think it was a bootleg Dark Saber swimsuit.. Was because it was dark saber (dark eyes)... with ahoge...

Come on! Every FSN fan knows that dark saber has no ahoge! NO AHOGE!
Translation note: Ahoge = Stupid Hair.. That... 'tail' thing on her head.. You'll know when you see it.


You can compare my Saber Lily's hair to Laplacian dark saber hair.. You'll notice that dark saber has no ahoge.



from that price I remembered what my senpais on a forum I joined in told me

"We dont hate those who have bootlegs, we hate those who sell them for the same price as the original"


Haha Kureha is up again! Anyways, The first time I posted here, I was begging for a fig (uh), anyways, I now have two original figs!

here are some pics!

My Frauelin Revoltech Gals!

Sniper Yuki!

"Try touching the cat"

Yoko and Yuki!

Yoko and Yuki again!

Yoko Littner movie Ver.! (though she looks like the same haha)


I am a collector since ages ago but i started with figures somewhat recently.

I cant put them all in a post :P then if you want see more of them just tell me and i will start to post pictures at small groups :D


Wow those are cool figures! Who's the second one, the one with the rainbowish hair? (*Drools*)

oh BTW guys and if you want to meet o



Wagaya no Oinari-sama, about that serie there are only 2 official figures as far i know and this one is the better :D there is a fox mask too but the face is too much kawaii to cover :D

A wonderful set of mini Vocaloid nendoroid

and a must buy... the first version of Black Rock Shooter :D and about the naked ass figure...soon a picture of her too