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[NDS] [Action] [RPG] [ENG] Ragnarok DS
« on: December 14, 2015, 05:36:58 am »
Ragnarok DS

Ragnarok DS is a RPG on the DS console, that is based off the mmorpg game Ragnarok. The gameplay is fun, but not nearly as fun as the online version. The story isn't very good nor interesting, and the shopping system is highly outdated. The tutorials aren't very good, and the graphics aren't very good to look at. There is wireless co-op available, but you can't fight one another. instead you can only play through a dungeon, which is a lot of fun, but feels extremely repetitive after a while. Overall, the gameplay can be alot of fun, but the repetitive online play, lack of replay value, and dumbed down story really hold this game back from reaching it's true potential. All in all, you should sill check this game out.



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