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Title: Hello there~
Post by: Lizi on October 08, 2021, 09:05:03 pm
I just recently created my account here to request a light novel and well, this seems a nice place and i don't see any more forums these days that are still active :D

My nickname is Lizi and i like to read books since i learned how to read, so naturally one day i found novels and fell in love, tho i also love mangas and it's variants.

I'm a Librarian but currently home office freelance. I'm also 30yo and married, he reads a lot too but we have considerably different tastes.

Uh...leeme see...i really like basically everything out there, depending if the narrative speaks to me, but i mainly love action packed stuff with lots of tatical things and also horror and psychological stuff.

Well i guess that's it, i hope i can be active here, i'm super anxious to post on stuff ._. see ya around!