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[LN][EN][EPUB] Kei Enomoto Series v04: The Mystery Clock (ミステリークロック 「防犯探偵・榎本」シリー

Started by spicyepubs, July 12, 2022, 10:09:38 AM

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The fourth novella in the locked room murder mystery novella series starring Kei Enomoto.

During a dinner party at a secluded mountain villa, while the invited guests are engaged in a strange game over an ultra-luxury clock, the owner of the villa, a female writer named Mori Reiko, is met with an unnatural death in her study.

With this, the curtain rises on a deadly game of deduction! 

Embroiled in the game are Enomoto, a crime prevention consultant (whose main profession is a thief!?), and the lawyer Junko, who tries to solve the mystery of a perfectly locked room protected by the wall of time...

Note: Wall of time here means alibi.

Author: Kishi Yusuke

JP: 5 Volumes (Kadokawa)
EN: 1 Volume (Moonlight Novels)

Download (MF)
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