Author Topic: [MANGA] KoLD8: King of the Living Dead (Is this actually compleated?)  (Read 1344 times)

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So a few days ago, someone in Mangarock ended up sharing this manga

To be honest, it's not bad. It says it's compleated, but there is a VERY big issue: It doesn't feel compleated at all. Even i who can't usually tell when things are rushed can see it.
Spoiler (hover to show)
The last chapther says is the final episode. It says in the last page that an epilogue should have been published in march 4 of 2019, but i can't find anything. To put things in confussion, some sites (i.e mangarock) says it's compleated, but other sites (i.e. magakakalot) says its ongoing. It's conffusing. This manga IS like an actual goddamn zombie: I can't tell if it is dead (Compleated) or or alive (Ongoing).
Anybody knows something about it?