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[LN][ENG] The Champions of Justice and the Supreme Ruler of Evil

Started by shadow69, November 25, 2018, 04:15:03 PM

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The Champions of Justice and the Supreme Ruler of Evil | 正義の味方と悪の総統 | Seiginomikata to Aku no Soutou
Author: Kaede Kikyou
Illustrator: Tobari
Genre: Super Villain, Super Heroes, Romance, Comedy, Modern Fantasy, Josei, Ecchi, Smut

World domination: our long-cherished aspiration! Naturally, the most appropriate person to aspire to such a surreal ideal is the Supreme Ruler of Evil!

Mia Oonari's father, the former Supreme Ruler of Evil, died leaving his only child with their organization's sole ambition: world domination! Mia sets about enacting her own innocent ideal of taking over the world only to be hindered by the five Champions of Justice who make up the Crow Rangers!

This is the comedic story about a villainess who lacks the tact of exacting her evil schemes and the Champions of Justice who lack motivation in stopping her. Join Mia as she finds love, friendship, and the truth behind her world-breaking magic in this light novel!

*IMPORTANT NOTE* The Champions of Justice and the Supreme Ruler of Evil is Cross Infinite World's first title to contain smut, so please use reader discretion if you are uncomfortable with certain content. The author has published 18+ stories in Japan, and while Supreme Ruler of Evil is considered R-15 (for 15 and up), it still has scenes that may be upsetting to some readers, so reader discretion is advised!

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