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[WN][EPUB-PDF] The Jack Of All Trades Kicked Out of the Hero’s Party

Started by Animestuff, April 11, 2023, 08:23:12 AM

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Adventure Fantasy Harem Shounen

"Orn Doula, today will be your last day in the party."

Since the party was lacking someone who could play the essential role of Enchanter, it was the quickly adaptable Orn who had converted from Swordsman to Enchanter.

On a certain day, Orn, who belongs to the Hero Party is suddenly informed by the party leader – "your skills are lacking, so leave the party". The other party members also insult him as a "weakling" and a "jack of all trades but a master of none".

Orn is someone with both average physical abilities and magical skills – nothing outstanding.

Still, his worth is in being able to easily acquire skills that ordinary people have to obtain through much effort, Undeniably a "jack of all trades and master of none". And that was why he had coveted and devoured all kinds of knowledge and techniques.

After being expelled from the party and getting a fresh start, he decides to resume adventuring. This being so, he chooses to return as a Swordsman since he was an Enchanter only due to party circumstances.

-However, having been an Enchanter was definitely not a waste.

His time in the Hero Party, knowledge, experience, and development of countless original magic will certainly nurture Orn into a Swordsman of unconventional strengths.

-EPUB (WN with Full LN Illustration) -Vol. 1

-PDF (WN with Full LN Illustration) - Vol. 1


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@Wulfbain are you possibly downloading via PC?  Apparently there's a bit problem with that case. I already get that problem with other person. So I recommend downloading with your phone. And update me later on, if it's still not gonna work.


The PDF link worked after waiting a while. Yes I'm on Pc. I downloaded the epub with 0 issues, so it's not my pc. it had to have been an issue with the host or the link itself.

alls well that ends well.