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[H-Manga] My top list of this month + download links

Started by Rayly4566, May 06, 2017, 10:15:28 PM

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    This is my top 10 ??? h-manga ??? for this month.

    As to know i don't just like any H-manga, it must have a good story with the right illustration, and this is the best i found in this month.

    ;) I hope you enjoy them ;)
    This list is not ranked, i did it randomly because i like all of them

    • Sister Breeder Chapter 1 & 2 (English)
    Chose your favorite one  :D
    • One Punch Man Dekoboko love sister (English)
    • Victim GirlsR JK de Refre Flesh and Refresh English (English)

    • Musume-no-Doukyuusei-to-Ecchi-Shitaindesho-Color (English)

    • Love-Selection-English-Color(English)

    • Kunoichi-Choukyou-Jou(English)

    • Fight-For-the-No-Future-BB-English(English)

    • Hane-o-Nakushita-Nyotengu-san(English)

    • Jougasaki-Mika-no-Stress-Kaishouhou(English)

    • Granblue-Fantasy-Zettai-ni-Makenai-Apollonia(English)