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[H-VN] Choukou Sennin Haruka <超昂閃忍ハルカ>

Started by lsssk11331, March 23, 2018, 10:14:02 PM

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Evil ninja have invaded Japan to try and conquer it with their devant ideals and revive the ancient creature that grants them power! And the only way to stop them–is to get it on with your own group of ninja!

Takamaru was living an ordinary life, looking for love. Despite the valliant efforts of his landlord's daughter, Narika, to get in the way, one day Takamaru falls for a girl named Haruka at first sight.

That very evening, Takamaru and Narika are attacked by a mysterious group of ninja only to be saved by none other than Haruka clad in kunoichi gear. In an even more shocking turn of events, Haruka declares Takamaru her master and asks him to have sex with her!

It turns out that Takamaru is the heir to a clan of heroic ninja known as the Crescent Moons and as such he has the ability to provide a supernatural energy called Sex Power (SP) through sexual activity.

Thanks to Takamaru's generous "assistance", Haruka manages to fight off the ninja, but this is only the beginning of their long and arduous battle...

[From Mangagamer's Blog]

Game Information:
Title: Choukou Sennin Haruka
Original title: 超昂閃忍ハルカ
Length: Long (30 - 50 hours)
Developer: Alice Soft
Publishers: (Japanese) Alice Soft
(English) MangaGamer

Relations: Shares characters: Choukou Sennin Haruka -Shippuu!? Ninj...
Sequel: Choukou Sennin Haruka: Haruka VS Esca...
Same series: Choukou Shinki Ixseal
Choukou Tenshi Escalayer

Related anime: [DB-ANN] Choukou Sennin Haruka (2009)

Available at: English Download Edition for Windows at MangaGamer for US$ 34.95 »

More Information:


Download Link (Mega + Other):
Choukou Sennin Haruka <超昂閃忍ハルカ> [JPN / ENG] (3.32 GB / 989.05 MB)

As of 2018-09-06, lsssk11331 is officially signing off..... Thanks for the support guys. じゃあね


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