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[H-Manga][English] Hishoka Drop

Started by Zyibis, October 02, 2010, 04:29:34 AM

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Protagonist gets a job at an important company – purely by mistake. Unqualified, but unwilling to admit they made a mistake, they tell him instead to go help out the women..

[From Baka-Updates]

Volume 1: Megaupload/Mediafire

Volume 2: Megaupload/Mediafire

Volume 3: Megaupload/Mediafire


downloaded but yet to read it, still art is pretty good


I myself have only read the first volume but it looks good so far.


The ending was funny. For me at least.


Gotta pick this up again...
Stopped reading somewhere at the end of Vol. 2 'cause Vol. 3 wasn't around yet...
And I even forgot most of the story so far *hits himself*
Please don't mind me. Most of the time I don't make much sense... and mostly I don't even try to.


i think there was suppose to be a sequel or spin-off volume or something


The sequel is called Houkago Drop though it hasn't been translated yet.


pretty sure tadanohito mentioned he would do it as well