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[H-Manga][English] Jingai Haruman

Started by Zyibis, October 16, 2011, 04:46:05 PM

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Stories on interactions between men and animals/insects with appearance of girls (monster girls):

Chapter 1: spider
Chapter 2: ants
Chapter 3: frog + snake

[From Baka-updates]

Mirror: Megaupload/Mediafire


got used to the monster quest rpg vn, but this one still looks a bit off for me at the moment ...


These are pretty light hearted so you don't need to be to cautious though I do agree that these aren't for everyone.

On another note, I will be sharing 3 more monster girl mangas and maybe a few other random mangas. If anyone has a request then post it and I will see what I got though right now my collection is a little small since I am unable to use my main collection.


I can't stand these things... shudder.



I love this freak shot gimme mor! Please thank you :-)