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[H-Doujin][English] Valssu - Another Ocean 1 and 2 (Star Ocean 4)

Started by Yossarian762, July 10, 2011, 01:18:39 AM

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Reimi gets paraded around naked in front of a bunch of guys, molested, gradually likes it, and then begs to be gangbanged and lose her virginity to strangers. Hells yeah.

Actually two separate doujins I packed together with the pages renumbered appropriately since they flow together seamlessly, except for the fonts because Another Ocean 1 was translated by Genesis Translations while Another Ocean 2 was done by SaHa.


And of course the download:



so these doujins are just an extension of that idea then...


Not sure, I mean I remember in the game that it is hinted that something happened to Reimi and the first thing that came to mind was that she was raped. But then again there was no drama about it. It was like, "Hi, guys thanks for saving me" so it's hard to say.


I never played the game, I'm just a sucker for:
brown haired girls in general
consensual gangbangs

so yeah