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About to start jojo 7

Started by addsumm1, March 02, 2023, 11:25:20 PM

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So far what i understood of the story

1)italian man finds mayan relic(?) punch step italian brother turned vampire with eastern martial arts
2)Italian woman births american boy who goes to some italian place to learn martial arts in order to punch ultimate mayan twink vampire into smash outer space.
3) Jp boy (why buff...) gets psychic power from mayan culture who is related to italian american boy to punch Italian ancestor to death
4)Jp boy of a distant jp nephew gets friends and solves mystery to stop and punch Italian ancestor vampire subordinate side character killer psychic power user.
5)Italian JP boy distant relative to NOW FINALLY dead Italian ancestor? want to be next mafia boss and may have resurrected his dead ancestor in a way punch Italian mafia boss via multiple time-lines and a parallel world... THE HELL IS THIS DEAD ITALIAN ANCESTOR LIBIDO TO LAST NEARLY 5-7 generations!
6) Returns to original JP boy who killed dead Italian ancestor daughter who has to punch her way to a universal reset in order to punch said Italian subordinate nearly 100 years and 1 universe reset later.

tldr: the story is about an italian punching an italian > american boy punching unrelated twink ultimate vampire > jp boy punching first italian villan > Jp boy punch side italian villan / sirial killer > italian-jp mix boy punches italian mafia boss to be a boss > First JP boy daughter now punches weird dead italian villan after reseting the world.

... am i ready for jojo 7?