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[RPG][ENG] Horny Bunny Hana

Started by Tsuki Kami, August 13, 2020, 10:46:06 AM

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Tsuki Kami

Circle                Tokotsu
Release            Dec 13, 2019
Age Ratings      X-rated
Work Format     RPG
File Format        EXE
Genre                Blowjob/Fellatio/BunnyGirl/Female Protagonist/Internal Cumshot/Masturbation Prostitution/Paid Dating
File Size            176MB
Translator         EldenFZ


Hana has always dreamed of owning a shop in the capital of Riya. Taking the first step in realizing her dream, she booked a room in the capital and began her journey. After taking a rest in her new home, she awoke wearing a strange bunny suit instead of her clothes. When she attempted to take off the suit, she was overcome by an uncontrollable lust. After managing to calm herself down she once again fell into a deep slumber where she met with a girl named Shia. Shia explained the bunny suit was the embodiment of the "succubus curse" which would eventually turn her into a succubus if it was not dealt with.​

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Perfect, I was looking for it, thank you very much!