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WIP CSS Dark Theme

Started by Jordy, April 01, 2019, 04:55:28 PM

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     I know people like Dark themes, and having lurked long enough for the Light to hurt my eyes a bit, I took it upon myself to make a Dark Theme through Stylus.
     For those interested, here's the link

     For those who have no idea what Stylus is, here's a link to that as well
     It basically allows for people to modify how sites look on the user's end.

     Feel free to give feedback on how to improve it, I will try to respond as soon as I can.
     If this is in the wrong place, please guide me to the right place for this.

     Below should be some examples of the style in action (the first being a comparison)


There is already a dark theme you know?(It's bugged but I never had problem with it). The theme is fine but the chat box and topics have good headers which are not there now, and categories part is better with divisions between each topic. And personal peeve is that the shade of orange is too bright. Just an amateur opinion :)


There is already a dark theme you know?(It's bugged but I never had problem with it).
Kureha says it's bugged, but I'm not so sure. I haven't heard of anyone actually running into issues with it recently, so that might have actually been an issue with SMF.

And Jordy, not sure if you've noticed this, but a lot of the default images that K1 uses (the small icons and stuff) have white artifacts in some spots. On the DarkModern theme, it uses a different image set that doesn't have those artifacts, but they're very visible when using yours on a smaller screen.
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Apologies for not replying sooner, got caught up in projects.

Honestly, I saw Kureha mention a dark theme but couldn't really find it, hence me deciding to make one, so RIP me there.

I do appreciate the feedback tho

By good headers, do you mean the parts with the blue backgrounds?
If so, then I'm not sure what you mean by them not being there now. I can still see what I think you're talking about on my machine, albeit they are big ol' dark rectangles rather than neat images.

With the shade of orange, I do understand that. Perhaps if I make an easy-to-access spot in the file for you (and other users of course) to grant themselves custom values?

As for the white artefacts, I have indeed noticed those. I was planning on either giving them the old "minimal dark rectangle" treatment, or making custom graphics.
Do tell me which you'd prefer, or any other suggestions you might have.
When I get some spare time I will try to get some work on the theme for those who are willing to use it, keeping these ideas in mind.

Thanks a bunch for the feedback tho, do appreciate

(Another known issue is the Verification Captcha-esque image thing is a little weird on a dark BG, I have an idea for a fix for that too)


Jordy I meant these when I said headers.

I also felt that everything is too boxy/sharp edged. Smoothness would be preferable.


Those headers do indeed exist for me, so I'm not sure if you mean they're gone completely or you don't think they're good.

Either way, I added a Box Roundness option this update, so you can change one value and have the roundness return everywhere I could find that had roundness in the original


Actually, you should have better questions.


There is a dark theme, it was created by a guy that has passed away.
It's there with the other themes.
However, there has been reported bugs that prevented people from logging in, hence it is no longer set as the board's default theme and only be used at the viewers discretion.

Kureha has been browsing other dark theme on SMF's site, but they are really bad, like kids adding flames to everything bad.
Anyways you guys have fun.


Either the themes were removed or they are very hidden, I do remember the default one being dark, so now that it got changed, I don't really see a way to change it back. If it was the same situation for him then I can kinda believe why he made a custom css.