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Anyone feels it is hard/shy/embarrassed to post anything

Started by ManaAurelius, April 08, 2018, 06:42:25 PM

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This place is great for sharing, but does anyone on this forum feel like it's hard to start a discussion or general posting.
Like I legit feel awkward to interject into any posts since I feel like almost everyone who posts usually has something to share and all I can do is kinda shitpost or say thanks?


Kureha has nothing to share, except to answer the occasional question or rant/vent.


I fully understand the sentiment. It doesn't help that there's a monthly cleaning of all inactive accounts, with the "inactive" part being defined as not enough posts in the last month. Which is made harder, both by the anti-spam/anti-bot measures, as well as the lack of diverse discussion topics, as most things here are either discussions about individual manga/anime/light/web novels, or video games, or visual novels, and in the end, there's very little about those things that hasn't already been said by someone else within a few hours of stuff happening.

Perhaps that's why I frequent spacebattles' creative forums so much, as there's a small, but diverse community, such that it feels like I'm actually saying something original relatively frequently. Here, though, and with all the other anime and sharing forums I've frequented in the past, it always feels like I have to "shitpost" to get my post numbers up. That's never a good feeling.

EDIT: It seems I misread the account deletion criteria. Just having 0 messages will get your account deleted, not 0 messages in a month. So not as bad as I feared.


It's not posts per month, you just need 1 post ever...
Doesn't have to be about manga/anime/light/web novels, or video games, or visual novels, or what ever.
Start something in one of the other boards, and if it gains enough traction, it could get it's own board.