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Started by SDragon, August 03, 2010, 12:27:10 AM

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Not sure where to put this, but I noticed that most of the torrents are references to TPB.  I was wondering if there were any thoughts of Torrents created for member boards only?  I don't mind seeding but I'd rather not seed to such an open forum like TPB and would rather limit my BW to people that are registered here.

Any thoughts on this?  Thanks!


Older games are linked from TPB most of the newer ones are tracked by Nyaa, we don't have the means or the hardware to run a private tracker, or the population to sustain a torrent for long lengths of time. The ones tracked by Nyaa have more decent people and get seeded better/longer.


Gotcha... didn't even know about nyaa until you mentioned it, but I see why its used. 

I guess I'll keep my eyes open and try and contribute in another way.



Is it possible to have a non PirateTorrent link?? God help me... My (Vista) Computer for some reason no longer lets me enter that site (it's always broken or something or I can't download etc)


For that to happen, the torrent would have to be hosted on another tracker or someone would have to upload the files to some kind of DDL service. I can help with the later, but only at 60KB/s, so it takes time. You just have to ask on a game's thread and wait for someone to reply.