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Not receiving reset mail for changing a forgotten password.

Started by KP Poseidon, April 22, 2023, 11:00:45 PM

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KP Poseidon

From Yesterday, I've been trying to login to my old account ->;u=93442
But I have forgotten my password so I did the forgot password But i did not get a reset email at all.
Pls help!


Not much Kureha can do, email has been down for a while, google and yahoo has disabled the old way of SMTP accessing emails so the forum just throws errors, and there's so much requests by the forum a day that most free services just boots us for spam.

Even though Kureha doesn't send any K1 emails, it's only registration and password reset requests.
Open to suggestions for a new email service.
No, Kureha doesn't have the resources to host an email server and private hosted email servers tend to be blocked by the big email providers anyways.