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Where can i find Little Busters Extacy?

Started by Mr.Animatic, February 22, 2016, 08:54:35 AM

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First of all, i'm sorry if this topic/question/whatever doesn't belong here.

So i was watching LB-Refrain ep3 and people were saying it skips too much stuff so i went and downloaded the VN to get the best feel out of the story (cried like bitch man-style at the end).
Now that i have completed the VN and started watching the anime again, i would like to know is there fully translated version of EX available in the interwebs. The EX is what comes next in the anime, so i would like to play the game before watching it.
I tried looking from both google and youtube with no luck so far :/ I also checked the LB-Ex topic on here, but the link was dead.

And for god sake this game was good! I never though i would cry like after after playing watching/playing all of the other Key animes/VN's :'( Well Grisaia no Kajitsu will be my N1 for a loooong time to come.