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[H-Game] Adam The Double Factor

Started by Perversor, December 26, 2009, 07:10:34 AM

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Adam: The Double Factor

Developer: C's Ware   
Publisher: Mindscape
Released: 1997

Game Info:

Sequel to EVE: burst error. C's Ware adventure/mystery game. The sequel takes place 2 years after the events of EVE, Kojiroh is still struggling to make a living as a private eye, with the help of her assistant now turned girlfriend Kyoko, while Marina has been re-instated to the JSDA's cabinet of investigation. Through the game you'll be switching back and forth between both character's scenarios which involve being a bodyguard for the president (Kojiroh) and investigating a series of weird murders (Marina). As usual, both stories will intersect, twist and bend in every direction possible and dragging them deeper into a web of conspiracy.

The game uses the Lucid Motion2 engine for cleaner animation and introduces a new interface which allows for interaction with onscreen objects and persons without the need for the text menu of the original. Also notable is the fact that while ADAM keeps the detective/mystery story as the main selling point it also adds sequences of explicit adult content instead of the "innuendo" that was used in the original. Definitely not for people under 17!

1. Burn or mount
2. Install
3. Play the game with cd1.iso mounted

Torrent in attachment (1.2GiB)

Links provided by ManaYagami:


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It looks interesting but how can I unpack or burn this as neither Winrar or DAEMON do not work?


Thanks for help. It's time to see if Adam's level is comparable to Diivi Dead.


The fact that you mention Divi Dead make me think you probably haven't played Eve Burst Error. If so, you should really start with Eve.


You are right. I never played Eve Burst Error.  Are Eve Burst Error and Adam are somewhat related? I mentioned Divi Dead because it was created by same authors and was good not because of similarities in plot or something like that.


They're all part of a series of games and as far as i know only 2 have been translated.
Eve Burst Error is first game that will introduce the main plot and Adam continues some time in the future.
Just so you know Eve isn't an H-game, a lot of comic echi scenes though, but in my opinion the plot is way better.