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Nostalgic Visual Novels Online

Started by molitar, April 03, 2013, 12:15:46 PM

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I found this really cool site that has several novels that have been translated online.   Nostalgic Visual Novels On-line.  I hope you enjoy this site it really was nostalgic ;)

The English Games on site
Amies Fantasies
Love Potion
May Club
May Club DX
Nocturnal Illusion
Nocturnal Illusion Renewal
Paradise Heights 1
Paradise Heights 2
Ring Out
Runaway City
Season of Sakura
Three Sisters' Story
Time Stripper Mako-chan
Transfer Student
True Love


paradise heights!!!!
i love you molitar, marry me!! XDDD
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Wow, now that IS a nostalgic list. Doesn't have Immoral Study which I think was the first eroge I ever played, but I remember downloading a lot of those games on a slow-ass 28.8k modem. Man, I feel old now.

Geckoey Lurker

I kinda wish I had that kind of nostalgia. I only learned about VNs in 2005, but only got seriously addicted in 2011. :\
I had a good time playing through most of these, though.



I think that this deserves a sticky.


I've learned about VNs in 1997,these VNs in the site are so much reading by me XD