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[H-Game][SRPG] Kamidori Alchemy Meister

Started by Mana, March 03, 2012, 09:34:44 PM

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Geckoey Lurker

Yeah, the gathering can get on the nerves quickly..

If you're talking about Kamidori, then yes.. obviously there is a translation, but I think you're speaking about Ikusa or Genrin then no, or at least I haven't heard of any translation going on for them.


You can always use the cheat tool and give yourself 999 of all indegrents with a click.


Cheat selectively with spoilerAL when you get super impatient with grinding but don't give up and get 999 of everything in one go.

Geckoey Lurker

spoilerAL? May I get more information about what this is? o.0


Does somebody know where i can find the keys in the game? i need keys to open the door in dungons.


Which keys are you talking about? If the bronze one, then you get the recipe a few chapters in

Geckoey Lurker

You get the keys once your knowledge (room's stats) is high enough. I don't really know the numbers for it though, just fill the room with knowledge+ objects and the chapters might have something to do with it since I only got the Gold Key recipe when I did a New Game+ (Knowledge was at 258)

Also, I don't think the Synthesis Level have a role in this since I was at rank S the whole 2 last chapters without getting the Gold Key.


Is it just me, or are the angel really really overpowered?


It's the funky japanese cheating program that people usually use for alicesoft games... anyways, some guy did some work to make an SSG for it, basically lets you edit gold, stats for main characters (still limited by class limit caps), and ingredients. <= just follow that.  If you used spoilerAL for alicesoft games (There's no way I'm playing through patiently after the first route or two... hence cheating), the version hasn't changed for a while so just get the SSG.  Choose 神採りアルケミーマイスター under AGE.exe for the game.

It's not just you... the angel is overpowered.  But your other characters catch up eventually with their costumes and whatnot.  Poor Acht is so underpowered... not really but she moves so slow that it's almost not worth the effort spent raising her level and weapon mastery.

By the way... is Wil's clothing supposed to be limited to 2 gems?


This game is too damn addicting.. working on chapter 3 and when I looked at time it was 3 hours to I had to go to work.. didn't sleep well at all.. LOL

Geckoey Lurker

The Japanese Trainer I posted earlier does much more than all you says about this "spoilerAL/SSG".. though it seems to be buggy when used to cheat FS points, all it need is a translation to english which I would do if my jp skills were good enough. Will take a look at SSG thingie soon enough anyway. :o

Don't worry about Aht, once she reaches a certain lvl and a certain event.. she boosts like crazy and should join or surpass the average move grid.

You only get up to 2 gems during your first playthrough, I think. I know I got them up to 4 Gems in my New Game+, might have something to do with the character's lvl?

Yeah, it is addictive even though it is so damn repetitive, I have over 130 hours in and only one route completed..


Don't worry about Aht, once she reaches a certain lvl and a certain event.. she boosts like crazy and should join or surpass the average move grid.
Will Aht always that? Or can we hope for a metamorphosis? I'm just finishing chapter 1...


She evolves into a person except her feet after an event


Well... I like Acht for some odd reason, I think it's because unlike most slime girls, she's not transparent, so I changed her move to 20... now I can move across entire maps though I had to use the freeze function since every level up tends to drop it down to a lower number.  She's got decent defense but her spd and str are lacking.  Mostly she's being used to explore ahead.

Geckoey Lurker

Note that her name is Aht and not Acht by the way. She had similar STR to Wil at same level here, odd. A bit less of Speed though.