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[H-VN][Yuri] Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Anata o Suki na Shiawase

Started by Ivan, August 20, 2011, 07:16:55 AM

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Original Title: その花びらにくちづけを あなたを好きな幸せ
Translated Title: A Kiss for the Petals: The Joy Of Loving You
Developer: Fuguriya
Release Date: 2008-07-25

Official / VNDB

Reo fails her classes and Mai helps her to pass. To reward Reo for passing her quiz, Mai agrees to go on a date with Reo. One day during class, Reo is called to the school office. She returns acting strangely. After a lot of worrying and probing, Mai still does not know what has happened. This results in a huge fight between Reo and Mai, because Mai feels that Reo does not trust in her enough to share her problems... They eventually make up and ends in love.

Prepatched. Extract and play.

Megaupload provided by Syre:


Which part of the franchise is that ? And thanks for uploading.

Nvm, it's written on the download file >_<