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[H-VN] School Days HQ

Started by elfrin, July 06, 2012, 01:37:06 PM

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English Version

Installed perfectly fine at home, but installation hang when I tried again at work. If it hang, just copy the files over to the installation folder.
Most likely will hang on the files Movie02.gpk and Movie03.gpk. If it does - just extract the files from the disc itself into the installation folder
and just copy the pack folder in disc 2 into the installation folder as well.

Game does freeze up alot when playing. Well it does for me when I kept reloading saves to watch the results of choosing different options.

Disc 1

Disc 2

Here are the 2 movie files if the installation hangs on you. Drop them in the installation folder where the packs are.
movie 02


Some people said they have issues trying to download 37-40. Where file 37 to 40 is duplicates . One person mention it work for them when using JDownloader to download the files instead. Anyway I re-upload the files again into smaller files using HJSplit.

2-part files







Very thx,it's an most waited release for this year *o*


To yandere or not to yandere... that is the question... This is the one where "harem end" = being killed right?

Akai Shuichi

I managed to finish one route of the game, and it really looks good, but the game does have a fair share of technical problems:

1) When I started the game, it had no audio. I managed to solve this by deleting "Config.dat" on the main folder of the game (it happens again from time to time, but you just have to delete the archive again).

2) It sometimes crashes while playing. My solution was to play on window mode. Full-Screen just keeps crashing.

3) I can't load my saved data. When I try, a message "Script version doesn't match" appears and doesn't load anything. I'm still having trouble with this.

I managed to finish one route of the game without saving, but its really troublesome not to be able to save (or well, actually to load) during the branching points. If someone finds a solution for this, I'd be very much appreciated.



Well I must say that this VN is annoyingly large. I understand why but still.... Fortunately for me I did not encountered any technical problems, for now at least. BTW how many endings this edition has? I've heard that there is 26 and another time someone said something about 21.

Geckoey Lurker

For anyone having saving/loading issues, to be more precise a issue with "Script version does not match.", this usually results from copy-pasting the game's content from the CD to your Hard-Drive to play thus having either a only partial registry key or just none, I suggest making the registry file to fix that, see below.

Here is the text that you can just copy-paste into a normal text file then rename its extension to .reg : (e.g. : anything.txt to anything.reg)
Note : If you did not install the game to its default dir.
You'll want to change C:\\Overflow\\SCHOOLDAYS HQ\\ to its proper path, don't forget the quotes.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


"Directory"="C:\\Overflow\\SCHOOLDAYS HQ\\"

Courtesy of Derp from Sekai Project's forums.
Despite what he said, you shouldn't need to restart your PC though but if you wanna be safe go right ahead.


Magnet Link did not work for me at all.. work for anyone else?  Seems the link is broken.

Geckoey Lurker

I doubt typing a magnet URI directly like this will work, not for more than a few minutes anyway. They aren't permanent as far as I know.
But if you wanna try, mine's info-hash is 8F92CA81C1F041774D6D7596D62265A39148F868. Resulting in this as a magnet including a tracker.

You can use Erogedownloads' Torrent, I guess.
Here is the torrent file.
If you don't like Ad Fly, there, here is the file but on MF instead.

Note : Mediafire Links all dead.
If anyone is going to reupload it, make the name as subtle as you can otherwise it's gonna get killed pretty quickly.




Urgh, it's so... big... I still haven't managed to download it.  Not enough room... need to get a new computer or harddrive...