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Ran into this one a while back it was full of lulz.
This is a Japanese work in progress game so the game's not completed, there are a few ends you can get and a few hours of fun gameplay.

Partial english translation.
For those that are to lazy to go through the manual patching stuff download this:

Or alternately, you can do it yourself:
All credit of course goes to everyones favorite Rogue translator.[/s]

Scratchpad wiki:

Runs on W7 x64 with no problems, you might want to use apploc and Japanese though.

You want to add
--- Code: ---FullPackageFlag=1
--- End code ---
after the MapEditZoom=0 in RPG_RT.ini if you don't have RPGMaker installed.
You'll also need Unzip with WinRAR or 7Zip. If asked to overwrite folders, choose YES, if asked to overwrite (image) files, chose NO!

I've heard your prayers people, and I have packaged my working VH folder and uploaded it to MediaFire. Link down

Remember to extract under japanese unicode/regional settings and open RPG_RT.exe with apploc when you switch back to what ever unicode regional settings you were on.

You shouldn't have to edit any files at all.

Note: You can also dump new versions over this one and it'll get upgraded, replace all files when you do. You want to add
--- Code: ---FullPackageFlag=1
--- End code ---
after the MapEditZoom=0 in RPG_RT.ini again everytime.


Japanese version is at no idea
pass = vh
Translated 141231

Password for Extraction  = nanako

For machine translation...

There is no need to fool around with shortcuts and the like, just run the game via Applocale (only needed if you aren't running Unicode settings in Japanese) once the game is running, open up Translation Aggregator.
Click tools>Launch text hooker.
Injection type, select Autodetect if running, by exe name and go browse for RPG_RT.exe
Process Locale, Japanese
Text Hook, AGTH (can't get the Internal Hook to work)
Check both of the options in Child Processes
Additional Options, (you don't need any of this checked if you don't have ATLAS)
No need to touch the internal hooker options.
AGTH options check Auto copy to clipboard no need to check the 3 others.
Click OK and AGTH will be launched
Load a game and AGTH should start grabbing text, Translation aggregator will start translating on the windows that you enabled.
Tested on multiple Windows 7 Ultimate x64 machines. Only the game itself needs apploc, Translation aggregator will work fine when directly opened.
After you got everything to work the next time you only have to open Translation Aggregator press CTRL+L and then click OK it'll even launch the game for you if you haven't already launched it. You won't even need Apploc at this point.
For AGTH if you're getting WWWs choose 0x00417BB9:00FFFFF GetTextExtentPoint32A from the drop down menu.

I've decided to host the japanese walkthrough at for those interested. Run it through google translate if you want to.

A love hotel was added to the slums. It's the first building you run into when entering the slums. After an event that occurs when you first enter the building, you can come back and talk to the owner. You are given a choice to buy something, or try to stay at the hotel. He tells you that they are full, so Nanako begins to leave. As she does so he spreads some sort of aphrodisiac into the air, and Nanako becomes horny. After that, talking to the southernmost bearded guy while facing towards him (that is, up) will cause him to rape you.

Going back to the building and talking to the owner while naked seems to trigger a conversation where he offers her a position as a prostitute, and she declines.

After that, going back to the building while wearing all your clothing, as soon as you enter a new event begins. (I had trouble at this point. It seems that a fork required variable 67 to be less than 3, but nothing I put on would lower that. So I modified the fork to require variable 67 to be a stupidly high number, and this allowed the event to progress.)

Talking to the owner after being sprayed with the aphrodisiac again will cause him to ask you to have sex with him. If you have certain stats (I don't know what they are), she will be unable to resist him.

After a very long event Nanako will be considered a prostitute. She gets a "dangerous swimsuit" and talking to the other bearded guy, and that black-haired guy in the slums will trigger more events. Unfortunately, they are not finished yet.
Fantastic event.

Ok fun stuff in the beach town. I do not know how much of this is new but these are some of the events I found in the newsest version of the beach town (you can only get there by going south of Onsen, there is a stall on the right side of the map with three books on it. Read the middle book and when it asks you where to go just choose the first option).

1. There is a guy north of the food stall (the one with the big cauldron thing) who when you get close to him he will grope Nanako. In a sequence similar to the guy at table 17 in the onsen bar, you will be given two options repeatedly as he gropes you (always choose the second option which is not to resist). Evenetually Nanako seems to give in to him and he starts to rape her but someone sees them (I guess) and a guard runs over scaring the guy off. The guard apologizes for not being able to catch the guy. After this if you go to the far left edge of the map (just above the beach) you will find the same guy hiding behind some bushes, talk to him and choose the second option once more for a long rape scene (though I suppose its voluntary here so not really rape). There is something he says about "transformation" and "hentai girl" but nothing seems to happen that is unique to this scene and you end up on your back covered in semen.

2. Inside the poor casino (I cannot find a way to get into the royal casino at the top right-hand corner of the map) you will find three guys sitting at a table gawking over a dancer. Talk to the middle guy (I think he has blond hair) and a conversation will ensue, the short of it is Nanako is offered money if she can find out what the dancer's preference in men is. Talk to the Dancer after this and then talk to the blond guy again to get 500g. I didnt catch the entire translation but it looks like the Dancer is partial to men with blue hair (go figure). BTW no H stuff in this event.

3. Also in the poor casino, if you go up to the bar you have 4 options:

A. Order a drink for 100g (I assume its alcohol of some kind)
B. Order juice for 50g (I think the translation says its orange juice)
C. Chat
D. Wait till night

Option A leads to a rather long scene relative to the others so I will save that for last.

Option B causes the guy to make a snarky comment (I think) about how Nanako is still a little girl (she is 15 after all) and gives her some orange juice.

Option C brings up three topics. The first two seem to deal with how the peasants are forbbiden to get into the Noble Casino near the top. The third topic says something about women and children being kidnapped at night somewhere to the west? In any case I havnt found a way to get kidnapped even after choosing option A.

Option D supposedly changes the time to night but outside its daylight though some of the characters have their night time script activated (basically I think this one is glitched right now)

Ok now if you choose Option A there will be a short conversation where the barkeep asks if Nanako is legal age (again she is 15), I didnt catch the whole thing but she ends up getting some drink (which based on what happens next I assume is alcoholic). She gets into a chug contest with the guy sitting next to her. Time passes and its night, Nanako tries to leave but she seems a bit drunk. The barkeep offers some help or something but Nanako says she will be fine and heads outside. From here there are a few comments made if you talk to a few guards about how Nanako is drunk and should head home. If you talk to a guard who is standing on his own on the left upper hand part of the map near the moat you get an H-scene. Its kinda funny cause Nanako makes a comment about how its hot and starts taking off her top. The guy is shocked at first but then recommends that Nananko take off her pants and such and one thing leads to now you know the drill. After the scene if you talk to the guy again he seems to remember Nanako but nothing else happens.

It looks like there are events in the noble casino map but I cannot for the life of me get in there. If anyone finds out how please post an explanation here.

This game is fucked up. And I kinda like it  :P

 :D Thanks a lot,I love this game~~あの,ありがとねwwwww~~

 :) thanks for updating!!

Thank U,だねwww


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