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[CN][H-VN] 天使不在的12月
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TitleTenshi no Inai 12-gatsu
Original title天使のいない12月
AliasesTeninai, December When There Is No Angel, A December Without Angels, Tenshi no Inai Juunigatsu
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperLeaf / Leaf
Publishers(Japanese) Leaf / Leaf
(Korean) 아르카디아 스튜디오 / Arcadia Studio
(Chinese) CK-GAL中文化小组 / CK-GAL
RelationsShares characters  アルルゥとあそぼ!! / Aruruu to Asobo!!
Tenshi is about a senior high school boy with relationship problems; he's got few friends and perhaps because of his bothersome kid sister, is averse to any steady relationship. That is, until he has a sexual encounter with Kurihara Touko. Touko, a classmate of his, is a sensitive, simple girl desperate to make an impression on others, and willingly offers herself to the protagonist. He runs away from a relationship; Touko clings to him hoping to find one. This unusual relationship soon leads them on a long soul-searching journey.


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