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TitleMobius Zhi Huan - Bu Shuyu Renhe Ren de Jiaoxiang Beige
Original title莫比乌斯之环-不属于任何人的交响悲歌
DeveloperSleeeeepFly Studios / SleeeeepFly Studios & 雾屿镜式制作组 / Wu Yu Jing Shi Zhizuo Zu
Publishers(Chinese) 咕咕工作室 / Gu Gu Gongzuo Shi
String metal, harmless to ordinary people, an important resource for human development.
It is also the source of all rebellion.
A race declined because of it and was eventually named "devil".

The story will unfold with the nameless "devil" boy and the human girl Jonah who protects him.
Jonah have to choose to leave for special reasons.
Without knowing anything about the world, the boy is gradually involved in the whirlpool of fate.

“where are you.. Jonah..”

A haughty girl Knight
A Kind Human Girl
Ultimately, how will you choose?

[From Steam]

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