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Any idea when the second one will be coming out here?
Anime/Manga/Light Novel Sharing / Re: [Light Novel] Overlord
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My version ~♫
【 Light Novels Main 】
Download Volume 01
Download Volume 02
Download Volume 03
Download Volume 04
Download Volume 05
Download Volume 06
Download Volume 07
Download Volume 08
Download Volume 09
Download Volume 10
Download Volume 11

【 Light Novels Side Stories 】
Download Blu-ray 1 Special
Download Blu-ray 4 Special
Download Blu-ray 6 Special
Download Manga Vol.1 Supplementary Story
Download Movie 1 Bonus Story: Pleiades Days
Download Twitter Side Story
Download Web Novel - Volume 7 - Alternate Ending
Download Altina x Overlord Collaboration Booklet

【 Drama CDs (re-encoded)
Download Drama CD 1 [351mb -> 61mb] (Also combined all parts into one file)
Download Drama CD 2 Preview [86mb -> 25mb]
Download Drama CD 2 [300mb -> 57mb]
Download Drama CD 3 [84mb  -> 17mb]
Download Drama CD 4 [80mb  -> 16mb]
Download Drama CD 5 [228mb -> 39mb]

【 Anime [Blu-ray] (re-encoded)
Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades (special)
Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades (ova)
Download (MEGA)

i bow down to thine awesomeness..
seems interesting.. btw.. where are the links?

oops.. nevermind.. found them...
seems interesting.. btw.. where are the links?
how about the LN version??? is it already translated/available??? just asking~~~ :) :) :)
It appears that everything after volume 4 is a dead link now
Links are fine and alive  :)
Am I doing something wrong or is there a reason that on volume 5+ then that I get File Blocked for Violation screen at Mediafire?
for the next time, please remember to search it first in the search tab or index thread  ;)
I think it'd be the fourth volume.
Excuse me and what is the difference between this web novel and the ln ?, what I mean is that if I finish the 68 chapters of the wn in what volume of the ln would be the continuation?
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