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Can you make the epub version?
No one will be share 5th volume?? pls need a hero.. :V
I probably wont update again so id like it if the post owner added it to the list, personally i dont really care for credit but since its important name the credit to "IcePhantom" since i got this one from him on a private channel (since he was the editor)
Anime/Manga/Light Novel Sharing / Re: [Web Novel][PDF][English] Growth Cheat
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From the Light Novel

dangit... i should stopped collecting 'em then, for the sake of unspoiling future LN  :'(
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (バカとテストと召喚獣 Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beasts), also known as Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts, is a Japanese light novel series created by Kenji Inoue and illustrated by Yui Haga. The first novel in the series was released on January 29, 2007, and as of December 26, 2011, a total of fourteen volumes have been published by Enterbrain under their Famitsu Bunko publishing imprint. A manga adaptation by Mosuke Mattaku started serialization in the manga magazine Shōnen Ace on April 25, 2009. Another manga adaptation by namo started serialization in the male-oriented web comic magazine Famitsu Comic Clear on October 30, 2009. An anime adaptation by Media Factory was announced the same month. A promotional trailer was released for streaming in August 2009. An anime series adaptation began airing on January 7, 2010. Funimation has licensed the anime for release in the United States under the title Baka and Test - Summon the Beasts. The second season began airing in July 2011.

The actual series is currently complete at 18 volumes, 12 main volumes and 6 side volumes. There is also an extra chapter featured along with the author's new series 'Lady!? Steady, GO!!'.

Vol 1 - 3

Vol 3.5

Vol 4 - 6

Vpl 6.5

Vol 7 & 7.5

Vol 8 & 9

Vol 9.5

Vol 10 & 10.5

Vol 11 & 12

Vol 12.5

Collaboration Anthology 2: Book Girl Ascends the Stairway of the Gargoyles and Idiots

Baka to Test Special Edition
thank you for the link.
Just to know, why did you put a 3 step link chain? Sound like you are too greed to me.
I was just influenced by a certain someone. LOL
You can think of it me being an a*shole wanting to make you do a bit of effort to get the princess(files) while i'm cheering for you in the background with "GANBARE~~"

But the biggest reason is to protect the files from DMCA.
back when i was not yet using url shrinkers, i was hit quite a few times by DMCA. I had to re-upload the files again which means the download count will be reset to 0 again. Watching the number of downloads is my greatest joy in doing this hobby, that's why having it reset to 0 is heartbreaking for me. That's also why even how annoying it is to others, i still need to use it.
Some said that's BS but my theory hasn't been proven wrong yet. There were no more DMCA notice ever since i used url shrinkers.

Just for the record, i haven't even touched the ad revenues yet (which really is not a lot)
thank you for the link.
Just to know, why did you put a 3 step link chain? Sound like you are too greed to me.
wonder though is the art scattered on the web is for LN or WN (i know its pointless question but i had to ask :P)
From the Light Novel
wow sick collection you got there! nice going tazvin, hope to see moar <3
-Arifureta Extra Compilation -From Abyssgate Lord of The World-
-Side Story 1: Manga Vol 1 SS (Hajime & Yue's first meeting from Yue's perspective)
-Side Story 2: Publication Commemoration SS
-Manga Chapter 0-10 PDF (experimental)

yay! been waiting those from you!
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