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[Raw] Ladies Act in Eroanime <そこのお姉さんっ エロアニメに出ちゃいましたよ>



[Adult Animation for Male Customers]

Presenting our first animation work at a special price!

* Please see 1920x1080 / 60 FPS demo movie!

**** Contents ****
Each scene is independent of one another.
Masturbation, penetrative sex, molestation etc.
Many ahegao (gapeface) scenes.

From our previous works:
"Shinseki no Oneesan ni Yobarete... Soshite...... (RJ202784)"
"That female massage therapist is addicted to d*ck, in fact. (RE211755)"

Main Heroine: 6 scenes

External Characters: 4 scenes

Bonus looping animation for wallpaper (normal): 2 scenes

12 scenes in total

* 1920x1080 resolution

* 60 FPS

Game Information:
Circle: Road
Released Date: May/12/2018 midnight (JST)
More Information: DLSite


Download Link (Mega + Other):
 Ladies Act in Eroanime <そこのお姉さんっ エロアニメに出ちゃいましたよ> (1.57 GB)


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