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The 6-Years Late "Introduce Yourself" Thread

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Geckoey Lurker:
Hey all, so, something I realized just a few minutes ago while I was doing my daily runs of other forums is that we don't have any threads for people to introduce themselves if they want, even after the 6 years of longevity the forum has! It's usually used as a ice-breaker for people, so to speak, so I figured I might as well make a thread even after all this time. Could induce some new members (or even older) to participate. No idea if anybody will actually post or not, but worth trying I'd say.

Now, obviously, this ain't mandatory—I couldn't make it so, even if I wanted—so if you don't want to introduce yourself, then don't feel forced to! And if you simply want to say hi and introduce yourself without getting too personal, then don't be afraid to be vague about things like your age, name, and things like that. I'm not too afraid of giving out details about my life personally, probably a bit too careless even.

Well, I guess I have to start this since I'm the topic starter so here we go—I'll try to keep it short (edit: I lied):

Hi! (Again) I'm sure I don't need to tell you my username, as you can clearly see it, but if you want to address me differently, then feel free to call me by Eli as my friends nicknamed me, or just find me nickname yourself if you so desire. I'm a Canadian by birth, and French is my mother-tongue, and probably like many of you I learned English mostly through to the internet and video games. I turned 20 just a few weeks ago.

I'm jobless at the moment, but the government is giving me a very small monthly stipend so I scrape-by alongside random jobs that I do here and there. However, as an attempt to solve that, I'm trying to go back to school and complete a DVS aiming specifically to do maintenance/installation for telecommunications equipment (Think Okazaki's job in Clannad, and I swear that's a bloody coincidence. The job isn't just going up poles and working magic, though. ;p) AAaand if that doesn't work-out, well, a back-up plan has yet to be thought of.

Other than that, I've been 'learning' Japanese for the past 3? I think it's been 3 years. Currently, my studies have been going at a snail pace due to life events and stuff, but it's still progressing. I feel like every one and an half year I go through this six months period where I just can't be bothered to find the time to study things in details, to my disdain. Point is, an entire year of those 3 years has just been me loafing around and just reading Visual Novels without studying things in-depth and not learning new things at a good pace, thus... I am waaay far off my initial goal, which was to be high Advanced level within 3 years. If I had to say, I'm probably low-middle intermediate level right now? I still have NOT worked on speaking the language itself, and barely writing it. But I do decently when it comes to listening or reading.

I should note that I have NOT watch any anime in nearly half a year now. Nevermind that I have not read any manga in longer than that. I started a few light novels, but I haven't finished any this year yet, I don't think I even finished a single volume! Even my progression rate for Visual Novels as been going really slow this year... and it's definitely not because I've lost interest, there's just so much content and visual novels take so long to read through even at a good rate. Probably important to mention that I never really get tired of doing the same thing over and over...

Well, I don't think there's anything else noteworthy at the moment... Oh! I've been thinking of maybe starting to play FFXIV around next month, so if any of you guys play and are on the Jenova server, let me know. Just know I probably won't be a hardcore raiding machine. Also if you want to add me on Skype or Steam then shoot me a PM and I just might add ya!

Congrats, you've just got yourself a new job.

Geckoey Lurker:
Well shit!

I live in Scandinavia, which is kind of like Canada but with less French, which is good because I was terrible at it in High School. I enjoy VNs but haven't really watched anime in years.

I don't know how long I've been plugging away at Japanese. I learned Hiragana and Katakana around... 10 years ago? Then looked at the Kanji and went "well fuck that" and dropped it until about 3 years ago or so. Resumed the studying in a fit of boredom, and have been going at it on and off since then. It's slow since studying isn't the first thing I want to do after work, but it's kind of enjoyable once I can motivate myself into getting started. ETA until fluency is achieved: 25 years. Give or take. Should be just around the time when Japan revolutionises SOA-like VR MMOs and perfect universal translators are a reality.

I noticed this thread in my daily visit to the forum and quickly ignored it, because I'm rubbish at making friends. Coincidentally, I was reading a manga yesterday, and one of the chapters was about making the first step in making friends and how hard it was. So after a few minutes of hesitation, I thought what was the worst that could happen, and so here I am.

Since the TC has already been so open in his introduction, I might as well follow suit. I'm Asian, from Singapore. I'm jobless like the TC. Hasn't worked a day in my life, although every year, I get called back to the military for about 1-2 weeks. I studied a bit of Japanese by myself a few years ago. Managed to memorize both Hiragana and Katakana by working on it for 30 mins everyday in a single month. Since I'm fluent in the Chinese language, I ignored working on the Japanese Kanji characters, which are pretty familiar in their definitions on each characters. And then I gave up.

Around that time, I took up drawing too. Learned some techniques from a professional artist in Japan who post how-to videos on youtube every week. Bought some tools (pencils and sketchbooks), and drew a few pictures that I thought looked pretty good for a novice. And then I gave up.

A long time ago, I tried my hand at translating manga for about 6 months, but since I was rubbish at making friends back then too (especially online friends), I ended up working with whoever the group leader paired with me without talking about anything outside of work at all. So I gave up.

I've been watching anime every week since 2004. Never did join any discussion forums for the purpose of discussion. If I join any forums (such as this forum, though that is no longer the case), it would be because there was something else beside talking that I wanted. I tried joining discussion on youtube comments, since it was convenient, but those discussion usually are about proving that someone's statements are wrong, and ultimately became a chore, deprived of the enjoyment one might find from engaging in conversation with like-minded individuals. 

Actually, I think I'm starting to dampen the mood, so let me liven up the party with a few things I'm interested in recently and end this. So, lately I watched this video of the Milky Holmes playing a game, and became interested in Kitta Izumi, who plays Cordelia on the show. She's into yuri manga, card games and gyoza/dumplings. I love the fact that she's so open about the things she loves, and visually, she appeals to me a lot more than the other three members. I've been listening to past episodes of Cardfight Vanguard radio, which she has been co-hosting since 2011, and I just can't get enough of her jokes.

On the 2-D side, I'm currently into Kato Megumi from Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata/How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend. I've been reading this light novel series for a year now, and have been holding back until the anime ended so as not to spoil the story for myself. I'm now caught up with the events in the most recent volume, and I now realized that this girl is everything I've ever wanted from a main heroine in any visual novel or dating sim.

Now to hide my embarrassment and end it aruptly. Thanks for reading, but now I can never show my face again in this forum after clicking the "post" button. At least this thread is now one post longer. Bye.


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