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jast usa upcoming release order

Started by michelous, June 24, 2011, 08:32:01 PM

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the current order of jast's next releases is Yukkuri Panic: Escalation , My Girlfriend is the President, Aselia the Eternal , Yumina the Ethereal , Moero Downhill Night Blaze  then school days
this is the order now i expect new projects to be announced next weekend


not that we can expect them soon or anything...


it is jast they do good work but take a damn long time


yeah a really long time

looking forward to Yumina


jast just made another announcement for the following

Saya no Uta ~ The Song of Saya
Kikokugai: The Cyber Slayer
Sumaga - looking forward to this
Outlaw Django ~ Zoku: Satsuriku no Django - looking forward to this


-peach princess
Starless - art is good, but read some stuff about actual game itself,  questionable content...

now its back to the waiting game ::)


I guess at the very least I'll have to fork over some dollars to them because I liked Saya no Uta.


As long as MG keeps releasing good stuff filling the gaps while we wait for JAST's releases it isn't so bad. Surprised they got the license for Seinarukana considering we have yet to see sales figures for   Eien no Aselia. And releasing more games most people have already played... I suppose there is profit to be made since the translations done and they shouldn't need to remake engines for everything unless word wrapping is that bad, also I assume they'll use Demonbane's 'english' engine with the rest of the nitro+ games too. Should mean less wait time, but who knows with JAST  ::)


WTF ? Starless gonna be released here ? Rofl hard to imagine there is a market for this game outside of japan.


indeed, starless content includes - bestiality, scat and apparently a chopped dick  :o


The game is a non stop max femdom game, than add to that bestialiy, scat, ntr, mutilation, mind break, Futa on male, and a few other pretty nasty themes.
I got absolutly no clue what they thought when they picked that game ... prolly trying to market it as the successor to Bible Black.


But Bible Black had girls in it? Discipline was already a bit too femdom for my tastes. I wonder if this'll work out. I'll get it for the aforementioned NTR at least.


/jp/ already had figured out all those titles through their covers by yesterday:


here is full list
Saya no Uta ~ The Song of Saya

Enter the world of Fuminori Sakisaka, a medical student who gets in a traffic accident and receives experimental brain surgery, being left with warped senses that view the world around him as a place of terror. Into this world comes Saya, a girl who is the only thing that now seems pure. With a scenario that stands as one of the first defining works of Madoka Magica creator Urobuchi Gen, nothing is as it seems — can you find away to escape the nightmare that surrounds you? A seminal work of horror and occult fiction in the visual novel genre.
Kikokugai: The Cyber Slayer

Writer Urobuchi Gen brings us to a near-future Shanghai where humans can easily obtain superhuman power through cybernetic augmentation. Society has degenerated and crime is rampant. While in the grip of crime syndicates, one man has returned to Shanghai seeking revenge. Kong Taoluo, a master assassin, has returned for the lives of five men in his former syndicate who wronged him and left him for dead, and for his sister, whom they've disgraced. A cyberpunk thriller and part of the essential Nitroplus game canon.

In an alternate version of history, Japan lost World War 2 not via a nuclear strike but a slow land war and occupation. Years later, violent uprisings on the main island of Honshu caused the establishment of martial law and led to the disbanding of the government and the banning of all firearms. By the 21st century, the sword is the weapon of highest power in an isolated, corrupt Tokyo. You portray master swordsman Akane Takeda, a young man driven by the desire to confront his rival in this dystopia no matter what the cost. A brilliant "sword opera" drama from writer Narahara Ittetsu.

Dubbed a "Life Revenge Adventure", Sumaga is a departure from Nitroplus's grittier fare with the story of a young man who finds himself falling through the sky, an amnesiac surrounded by witches on broomsticks, resurrected by God (a kindergartener in a TV set) with the command to take revenge on on his former life by reliving it as many times as he has to to achieve a Happy End. A madcap romantic comedy written by Shimokura Vio and with designs by Tsuji Santa, creator of Nitro+ mascot Super Sonico.
Outlaw Django ~ Zoku: Satsuriku no Django

Writer Urobuchi Gen returns with an in-your-face sendup of the Spaghetti Western cinematic tradition, pairing up with illustrator Niθ to bring the story of three female desperados who'll do anything to make a buck or get ahead (sometimes literally). Set on a low tech rimworld in a sci-fi setting reminiscent of Cowboy Bebop or Firefly, this raunchy tale of lawlessness and hedonism sees switching perspectives and double and triple-crossing loyalties in a visually stunning, panoramic presentation. One of Nitroplus's most daring experiments to date!

We'll be cooperating contractually with the staff of TLwiki to bring these games to you as promptly as possible while retaining a high standard of quality, with the understanding from Nitroplus that the development cycle of Demonbane was excessively long. The release format will include several options, including bundled disc releases that pair some of the shorter games as well as individual download versions of each title. After a preliminary evaluation of game content we see no need to make any changes at this time.


The successor to Aselia the Eternal and taking place within the same universe, Seinarukana is the pinnacle of technical RPG achievement from eroge maker Xuse. You portray Nozomu, a student increasingly plagued by nightmares, and for good reason – the struggle for independence in a parallel world is going badly, and the combatants there need his help. Along with his school friends Nozomu is transported to the world of the Eternity Sword, and embarks on an adventure that binds him to the struggle of this land and sees him travel across dimensions and fantastic landscapes, fighting for survival and forming deep relationships in this immersive epic fantasy RPG.

Seinarukana is being produced in contractual collaboration with the group currently working on the project hosted at TLwiki.
unlike Aselia the Eternal ,Seinarukana doesn't have a non-h version

As a first year college student looking for a part time job for the summer you find a want ad for a live-in groundskeeper at a secluded estate. The term of employment is two weeks, and when you call to ask about the position, the pay that's offered is unbelievably high. What could possibly go wrong? When you're in a story from the mind of Bible Black and Discipline creator Sei Shoujo, plenty. Arriving at the mansion, you'll enter a world of hedonism surrounded by the voluptuous, nymphomaniac household of the sadistic Mistress Marie. There's a finishing bonus for staying the full two weeks, but can you escape with your mind — and body — intact? Starless will be coming in 2012, after the initial Japanese sales period has passed.


Too bad they momentarily stopped translating  Muramasa to finish Django.
Oh well, it's not like we'll see Muramasa anytime soon.


Game updates: Aselia will be Master up next week, off to the printers. President the week after!