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MAR 04 2022 Forum News


Those who are in the Discord already know this.
K1 suffered an unscheduled power outage that lasted about 12hrs, following the resumption of power, the motherboard failed.
As the server is using a Q1900M (DDR3) which is unobtainable anymore, the successor J3455M (DDR3) and even the J4105M (DDR4) is no where to be found.
Realistically it would be cost prohibitive to spring for a DDR4 platform anyways.

It was decided to use what was on hand, which is an i3-6100 and Asus H110-M/M32CD/DP_MB (DDR3).
So, we went from a passively cooled 10W chip to a 54W chip with a fan that needs to be kept tabs on...



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