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[K1]あい☆きゃん (I Can) Ep 2 V2[DVDRIP][720x480][x264_ac3][E5A02BB2].mkv

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I originally didn't want to rage again, but Khilandros requested it and I guess I shouldn't leave you guys hanging...

I raged even more after I got the story down. FFFTTTTTTT The things the guy goes through and thinking Miyu was the victim and then that crappy end.

So here's more rage...

[K1]あい☆きゃん (I Can) Ep 2 V2[DVDRIP][720x480][x264_ac3][E5A02BB2].mkv

V2! Found out that 8 lines were somehow messed up, I guess this is what happens when I don't QC.

A Kureha One release.

English subbed

There's errors here and there, but keep in mind that K1 is not a sub group.

Don't download this if you don't like NTR, you've been warned

Torrent: http://sukebei.nyaatorrents.org/?page=torrentinfo&tid=31929

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love you man, been waitin for this release  ;)

well I still didn't finish ep 1, and still don't have the mindset to watch and finish it <_<

maybe I just got tired of NTR or something >_>
oh well thanks Kureha-sama...maybe you're an M or something >_>;;

I-I'm not a M! I just couldn't let people down, I mean I subbed the first ep out of mistake, but Khilandros sent a polite PM asking me if I would sub it. those puppy dog eyes! lol *joking*

There doesn't seem to be any happy things like KanojoxKanojoxKanojo recently.

It's always rape rape rape, NTR NTR NTR. Sigh....

This is the good kind of NTR, where the chicks man is too dumb to feel sorry for, and you can laugh at him without guilt. 


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