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So I browsed through a bit of the place and I've a few things I've been meaning to do when I came across a peer group. Basically it just means I'm lonely and want some people to talk to.

1) I haven't played Planetarian. I mean, most of the time I've been really searching for a heart breaking story, but somehow I just can't bring myself to play it. Perhaps I'm scared. I mean I've heard stories about it. But it really just doesn't sell to me.

2) Oh yeah I just finished Sengoku Rance the other day. I can't believe how cute Kenshin-chan is. Giant onigiri's are great now. Did anyone else think the sex scenes were inconsistent? I mean sometimes he was good, and other times he really just didn't care how much pain the girl was in. Well I guess it's only a game. Gameplay was good fun; I need to play a second run.

3) Anyone here have a DS and have a flashcart (R4, CycloDS, Edge, etc) to go with it? Have you guys found VNDS? So I played Saya no Uta, Narcissu, Tsukihime +disc and replayed Tsukihime on it. It's actually a really viable way of portable-ing VNs and Eroges. Obviously the DS only has limited capacity and hardware, but I'm guessing as technology progresses shit gets better. And I also think there's a PSP version, but I haven't looked into it since I love my DS.

So uhm. I think this can be discussed right?

Personally I find the resolution of the DS to be too poor for my enjoyment of reading text, I have a first generation R4 which is not longer supported or updated.
Planetarian was sad to a point that I've not been able to read it a second time, but it's still inprinted in my mind.

As for Sengoku Rance, I don't really go for games like that, it's just not my cup of tea.

1) Uhhh.. I dont think its wise to ask someone if you wanna play that game.. I mean.. LOL.. That person would probably have to take responsibility if you think that game is 'good' or 'heart-wrenching'...

So i guess its up to you if you wanna read it. XDDD

2) Oh yeah yeah.. giant meatballs.. Uhuh.. Oh yeash that's right.. moe overload... Kawaii.. Uhuh.. Rescue scene... I agree totally with you bro.. Yep yep... but remember bub... *points to signiture... LOLOLOLOLOLOL

3) hmm.. I dont have a NDS tho.. So i cant help you out there..

... .... ...

On the other hand.. Welcome! XD

Yeah. That sig was a deciding factor in joining this place. Nice to meet you all?

So what's everyone's favourite VN? I'm guessing Tsukihime was a crowd pleaser. Fate was....a bit to esoteric for me. All that stuff about wanting to be a hero, I really couldn't connect with Shirou. Oh oh. Chaos;Head was brilliant, if only they could back port the 360 version I'd be happy as. I hate having no real routes. And Sengoku Rance would get points for the great gameplay. I don't usually play things more than once.
Yeah but Tsukihime really takes the cake don't you think?

Currently installed in my comp:

@HomeMate: It's 3D. I can't get into it.
Chaos;Head: As above.
Cosplay Fetish Academy: Generic.
Cross Channel: Haven't started. The randomness of the start puts me off.
Fate/StayNight: Waiting for a replay. I got rid of my old 100% save file T__T another 3 days of solid work here.
Gadget Trial: Well worth playing, although it's more SRPG than a VN. Currently stuck in campaign. It's hard =\.
Kazoku Keikaku: Long, but worth reading if you want to read. I seem to be in a H-game phase rather than a VN phase.
My Sex Slave is a Classmate: Just got it off here. Haven't tried.
Narcissu: I ended up playing it on my DS because it keeps crashing on my comp. I almost cried. Almost.
One ~To the Radiant Season~: Only got so far, but it's cute for shitty KEY-like artwork.
Rinkan Club: I have a soft spot for Anime Lilith/Black Lilith.
Sandwiched between my Wife and her Sister: Just received.
Suck my Dick or Die: Been playing this today. Not a bad way to go about dark-side plots. So much sex though.
Taimanin Asagi 2: Bit short, but I got it for the tentacles. Not enough of tentacles gets translated. (probably people like Kureha voicing their opinions loudly >=\ |snideremark|) lol.
Tears to Tiara: Leaf sex sucks. Gameplay is a huge drain on my CPU. Storyline isn't great. I guess I play it for the cute.
Tsukihime: Awaiting a new save completion. I lost my old one too.
Utawarerumono: Same as TtoT. Funnier than TtoT though.
Yume Miru Kisuri: The only completed game I currently have installed as I usually uninstall stuff to make space for anime and what not. Great game, really great. I love his works. Apparently.

What about everyone else? Am I the only one that likes Dark Trans stuff (and is normal)?

Here's part of what I currently have installed, not including the stuff I haven't installed or haven't moved on to this harddrive.

I don't really have the time to do a review right now.

On the note of the Dark translation stuff, I prefer most of my stuff to be in a semi happy, light tone but that's just me.


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