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your fav non-protag/non-winnable men in h-games

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who are your favorite non-protagonist non-winnable male characters in hentai games/eroge
for me it is Suginami from da capo 2, Takayashiki Hiroshi from family project and the cops from demonbane

i agree with Suginami, especially from DC, way better character than the lame siscon that the main character is.
Hiroshi, was he the old guy?
the cops were funny i guess, nothing too outstanding

I also have to agree about Suginami and Hiroshi, and you can't talk about them without reminding me about the wacky trio from Shuffle!.

From the top of my mind, Kotomine, Archer, Edgeworth and Snake (999) are also great characters, for different reasons.

Came in to say Suginami too, since he was the first that popped into my head. I like the ambiguity that it may be the same Suginami in both DC games even though they're 50 years apart lol. He's even better in Innocent Finale than in the main games. He (not literally) slaps some spine into Junichi and is generally awesome all around.

I forgot about Hiroshi, he was probably the only bright spot in the terribly translated Family Project (okay that might be a bit harsh but he was still the best part of it too)

I'd second Archer and Kotomine too, but enough about Murakami from Kira Kira? He reminds me of Kanji from Persona 4 (also an awesome character) except he's straight and secure enough in his sexuality to wear this in public:

You know it's awesome. Also he's all about rock and roll and passion, that's pretty cool too. And his parents own a liquor store I think (it's been a while since I played it)

how could i forget about Archer, as soon as he enters the scene, shirou just fades into the background


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