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[Chinese Novel] [English] Martial God Asura
« on: November 18, 2016, 05:34:04 am »


Martial God Asura
Tu La Vũ Thần
Xiuluo Wushen


Kindhearted Bee

|Story Synopsis|

In terms of potential, Even if you are not a genius, you can learn Mysterious Techniques and martial skills. You can also learn without a teacher.

In terms of strength, Even if you have tens of thousands of treasures, you may not be able to defeat my grand World Spirit army.

Who am I? Every single living thing in the world views me as Asura. However, I did not know about that. Thus, as Asura, I became the Martial God.

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Re: [Chinese Novel] [English] Martial God Asura
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the link isn't working man.