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Der Werwolf: The Annals of Veight
Official J-Novel Club Ver

Vol-2 PDF
Official translated LN from JNC:

Credits to Starburst again~ Volume 02

Previous volumes:
Volume 01

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Thanks for volume 7
Added PDF for Vol 7~
Trying to download it, but only showing "the requested address was not found on this server".
Last Idol is fucking amazing. It's 3 short stories, all sci-fi about the power of idols, seiyuus and gatchas.
Main download link for Vol.3 returns an error. And the mirror link gets me to the wrong place
The LN 20. is not there
Updated Volumes 16-20
-added illustrations

I have a question about the translation used in the pdfs.
I read on reddit these comments:
Keep in mind that BT is a Wiki, so MT has actually been edited a decent amount since it was "MTL" quality. You can look at the editing history yourself and see how much it's improved.
About a year ago I complained about the awful translation of MT exactly like you, and IIRC someone told me that the pdfs were a bad translation but the chapter by chapter translation was still good all the way to the end. It seemed the pdfs were from an earlier translation that had been replaced. I went back and tried the other version and they were right. I'd suggest you do the same.

So my question is since baka tsuki took down the novel and all edited chapters because it got licensed , does your pdf collection have the latest edited translations or are they the old ones?

Also thank you for your hard work i really like your pdfs.
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