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It's just one mild kiss scene, then MC goes harem collecting.

i read in forum.novelupdate and got the conclusion that it isn't just that scene.
Is there any LN version for this novel that got translated? I prefer the LN route than the WN. if you have it, please post it ok. I will  wait for it.
Finish reading it, and its good somehow. Though i wish Haru punched the fucking hero (since she's stronger than him) 😎
Seriously, if there's a 'MC with the Ugliest hairstyle' award, this dude's gonna take it.

Spoiler (hover to show)

Looks like a 40 year old man, no wonder the childhood friend dumped him lmao
Volume 9 came out yesterday. So, any news about which group will be translating it?
It's just one mild kiss scene, then MC goes harem collecting.
I wonder why there are no pdf for this one? Thanks for answering
I read the review in novelupdates, Our Mc got betrayed rights?
I want to read this but i really hate NTR (because of some reason :'(), and in this novel, our mc got ntred from the start. Can someone give me some advice? Or i just read the chapter after mc got ntred?
wow, can't believe this is still ongoing. I mean, the illustrations in vol. 29 just screamed THE END. but, the main story is not over yet (according to afterword, it will last to prob. 31).
don't get me wrong, this is my favorit LN, so new vol is good news for me!

p.s. wish this will last for at least ten years, i want this to have a record.
Welp, i guess i could give this a try, but can any of you guys tell me:
1) Is the guy who got transported with her an asshole? (Not like "Wow, he is being a dick. Funny." of being a dick, more like "I want to punch this guy in the face, until his face looks more like his ass instead of his face" kind of dick).
2) Any Yuri?
3) Is this actually R-18?

Well, that depend on individual view. For me, I honestly want to punch his face so hard over and over til he cry like a baby, just like Jojo did to Dio. Except I will continue until no one can recognize his face anymore.

3:Well R-18 but not really writen in an erotic way.... unless you like Harus snarky sacasm as an fetish.
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