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So, i wanted to hear about our lurker's, users, and mods opinions in your favorite mobile games. You can even talk about it like if it was a review!
I found a about a few that might worth the try, and will talk about them later, but i guess its better to have the thread already.

Probably Soul Knight

Its extremely entertaining with tight controls, a good amount of variety, and local multiplayer.
The only downside is that it gets a bit repetitive once you get good enough to kill the final boss consistently. Though that's already at least a month of content if you play it casually.

Arknight(at least for now)

Very cool character design, good story, addictive gameplay, gacha is so much forgiving as i come from FGO Gacha hell, easy farm with auto deploy feature. The downside is the need to continuously farm for material to E2 operator, as so much material needed to E2 even more than FGO  i think?

Eh? Arknights gacha doesn't seem to be forgiving for Kureha, can't even get 6000 Orundums to do the minimum 10 rolls per banner without having to just drop everything and farm 1-7 and dump LMD into making Orundums.

Top/Senior tags have only appeared once for Kureha. Cleared basically everything in the depot for the first E2 operator. Only 3 6 star operators so far, 1st one was from the beginners gacha which everyone gets, 1 from the single time Kureha got the top tag, and 3rd was from the 50th pity pull...

Minecraft. running a hardcore world. hard af.


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