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[VocalCD] シャイニー・シスターズ 主題歌フルバージョンDL

Started by Pheimine, December 28, 2019, 10:23:41 PM

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Catalog NumberN/A

Release DateDec 20, 2019
Publish FormatCommercial, Enclosure 
Release Price16500 JPY (Package Price)
Media FormatDigital
Published byWillPlus / 株式会社ウィルプラス / WillPlus 
Composed by小泉孝輔
Arranged by小泉孝輔
Performed byIroha Haruno / 春乃いろは
Lyrics byMineko Yamamoto / 山本美禰子

More Information:

Download Link:
Shiny Sisters Theme Song Full Version DL Download (67.6 MB)


Thnx so much. And accept my apologies as well, if you would...

If possible I wanna buy it myself, but it's just so inaccessible from where I am that this is the only way for those in this area is to... you know.