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You have obtained a wealth of video data.

The imagery is shocking torture of a very, very young girl.
Could it be real? A ransom tape? Torture porn?

Her suffering is visceral and undeniably cruel.

She screams. She half-faints on a torture machine.
The machine won't stop.

What troubling thoughts enter your mind
when you see it? Don't imagine. See and feel for yourself.


3DCG animations and SS (short stories) starring a nubile blonde beauty.

5 situations each with 3 steps:
the girl's torture begins, the girl reaches her limits, the torture breaks limits

Video effects and short story are included by default,
but you can also choose animations without them

+ 216 total movies (MP4)
(2 hours 9 min 55 sec total runtime)
+ 58 bonus "outtake/image setting" JPEGs
+ Over 4000 high res screenshot JPEGs

* Depicts pregnancy

Voice and SFX credit: Orange Lovers / Honey Drop /
Mizinko Materials (CV Phan Masaki) / Kumasuta / Project-R

Created by artist pozahara

Game Information:
Circle: pozahara
Released Date: Dec/05/2016
Series:Fantasy Movie Collection Series
More Information: DLSite


Download Link (Mega + Other):
 Nubile Torture Porn -The Video Archive- (SS & Pregnant Variations) (DLsite Ver.) <少女陵辱拷問動画集-機械姦編-(SS&妊婦差分付き)(DLsite版)> (1.58 GB)

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