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Important Forum News regarding PMs.

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For some reason PMs can't be sent to people that have capital letters in their account names, post here for me to reset your account with lower case lettering, remember that you must have a valid email for this to work!

Logins will remain the same just with lower case letters.
For example "Green_Tea" after a reset would log in with "green_tea" but his display name would remain as "Green_Tea"

Note: if you're login name has any capitals, you will need a reset before someone can send PMs to you.

Login name != Display Name!

I don't know if 2.0 has fixed this issue or not. Someone check lol.

I don't log in. lol

Mang, that scared me. I actually thought I forgot my password.

Glad to see you're back lol.

Man, I'm gonna hate this week.

What's different this week?


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