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[Raw] Honey hole <蜜穴 -ミツアナ->

Started by lsssk11331, June 07, 2018, 07:07:37 PM

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Yuri, a shota boy, found a doll of lolita girl from an old jar. When he brought it to the room, the doll attacked Yuri!

Yuri is forced to erect and his cock is massaged. Yuri cannot stop panting.

21-minute animation movie.
26 scenes selectable from HTML table.
Still images of each scenes are 84.

Fully voice acted.

Also playable in Windows Media Player.

Game Information:
Circle: MegaroMania
Released Date: Apr/21/2009
More Information: DLSite


Download Link (Mega + Other):
Honey hole <蜜穴 -ミツアナ-> (817.76 MB)

As of 2018-09-06, lsssk11331 is officially signing off..... Thanks for the support guys. じゃあね