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[PSVita][Raw][Otome] Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby



After her mom re-married, Ema moved into the Asahina Family House and acquired 11 brothers. Ema intended to live peacefully with them as a family, but the sudden appearance of a girl in an all male household causes discord. Going on with their lives, the brother's feelings for Ema change and the start of a same roof forbidden romance begins.

Game Information:
Title: Brothers Conflict
Aliases: ブラザーズ コンフリクト, BroCon, ブラコン
Developer: Otomate
Publishers: Idea Factory Co., Ltd. (JPN)
Same Setting: Fortissimo
Related Anime: Brothers Conflict (2013)
Released Date: 2016-04-07
Version: Brothers Conflict: Precious Baby
Voiced: Fully voiced
Notes: Vita port of both Brilliant Blue and Passion Pink.


Download Link (2.8 GB):
Mega + Other


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