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[K1]Triangle blue Vol.1{v1) [704x396 x264+AC-3][ ECF8C014].mkv [ENG]

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This is a one shot release from Kureha One.
It's my first time doing this so there's bound to be alot of errors, don't flame me for it.
I take no credit except for the fact that I translated it.
This really took me a while because I couldn't get over the rage! Now I understand why no one wants to sub NTRs.

Hongfire has deleted my post in their hentai anime torrent section, I don't know why. Are they saying that the subs suck too much?

Warning! this is NTR! (Google it!) It contains RAGE!

Well anyways... Enjoy! (Or rage!)

Torrent mirrored in attachments for members.

Or pick it up at Nyaatorrents.

thanks man you're a HERO.
I thought nobody will ever sub it. Will you translate the second ?
Or/and the true blue series, that would be great.
(i saw the second who is just release and now the rage is gone).

uagh NTR, not my cup of tea =p But nice to see a Kureha One release, keep up the nice work.

Someone want to give me the full names of the characters in EP2? Not making any promises though.

Is there a direct download mirror for this?


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