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English RPG Games Repository

Started by molitar, February 10, 2013, 01:24:15 PM

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This is from a thread I created on ULMF forum so I am sharing it with you all here.

Native Fan Made English Games
Adventures of an Angel [mini] Download
Adventures of Garnet SVN Download Info
Alone 0.58 Download Info
Alone XP .5 Demo Download Info *Author remaking in RPG Maker XP*
Bonehead Demo Info
Codename -Progressive-Download Info
Conquest of Avindale 0.55 Download Info
Deedlit 3 Incomplete Download Info
Despair Labyrinth v0.9  Download Info
Discord of Xanadu-BETA2 Download Info
Elysium 0.11 Download Info
Emmerzail V.0.20 Download Info *Updated 2/27/13*
Ewu Quest Download/Info
Fan Fantasy Download Info
Garden High VX Demo Download Info
Granleon v02 bugfix 2 Download Info
Gentle Love Quest Download SVN Download Info
Grrl Power! Torrent Info
Harem 0.6a.3 Download Info
Hero of Kana Download Info
Invasion D v0.4.1.2b Part 1 Part 2 Info
Jenallia's Wrath in Development Download Info
Legend of Queen Opala - Golden Edition Download Info
Legend of Queen Opala Episodes I-II Part 1 Part 2 Info
Maids - Perfect v0.5 Download Info
Mega Vitamin - Beta 0.3 Download Info
Monster Girl Unlimited Rpg 0.9 Download Info
Misery Download Info
Nairn Download Info
Overwhored Ver 0.2.0 Fixed Download Info *Updated 2/12/13*
Rape Quest Moonblack Version (Actively being updated) Info
School Story Demo Download Info
Seduction Maiden VX Download Info
Sim Brothel 2 Revival SVN Download Info *New 2/13/13*
The Way Home V.14 Download Info
Valkyrie Stella Demo Download Info
Warriors Quest - Demo V0.2 Download Info *Updated 2/7/13*
Xenoscourge Ep 1 Download Info
Xenoscourge Ep 2 Download Info
Xenoscourge Ep 3 Download Info
Xenoscourge Ep 4 Download Info
Zaubers Download Info

Bitchi Taimashi Rio Download Info
Parallel Fantasy 2.1a Download Info *New 2/9/13*
Ryona Saga - English Download
Saki Quest Translated v3 Download Info
VHゲーム01_130210 Info/latest translations/downloads *Updated 2/10/13*
Village of Nightmare 2.1 Download Info
Violated Hero 1 patch Download Info *New 2/15/13*
Violated Hero 2 patch Download Info *New 2/15/13*
Virgin Island in translation Download Info
Vitamin Quest (びたみんクエスト) in translation Download Info

Not RPG Maker but worth mentioning
Monmusu Quest 1 Download Info
Monmusu Quest 2 Download Info
Naked Order Completed Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Info *Updated 2/19/13*

Non Hentai
Embric of Wulfhammers Castle Download Info (this one is a bit funny princess gets into all sorts of trouble)

These ones are not free but are English
Erojanken Trial Download Info Info 2
Princess Escape Demo Download Info

Please update me with any new English games you find so I can add to this English Games Repository.  If you find other non-RPG maker games that are worth mentioning I will add it to the new Worth Mentioning section.

As you may have noticed I have added the SVN Tortoise Download links so for those that do now know how to download using TortoiseSVN you may find the tutorial here!

So let me say to all you Developers, "Thanks for your Work!"  We the community really appreciate them and that is why I worked on creating the English Repository here to share your work with all!

So if you have games you wish to share than please simply PM the download and info links and I will add to the list.  Please also inform me if they are not free games so I can add to the appropriate section. If you have official download links PM me and I will be sure to update to that official download link.  I am not trying to steal your credit as I have nothing to gain from it these were downloads that over time I have collected but did not know where I had downloaded them.




Added the Violated Hero patches and the final translated release of Naked Order.




Uhmm.. so i was wondering.. are these things patches to games or the games themselves.. i cant seem to play anything i try to download here.. so.. help anyone??
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