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[K1]Triangle blue Vol.1{v1) [704x396 x264+AC-3][ ECF8C014].mkv [ENG]

Started by Kureha, January 29, 2010, 03:10:54 PM

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This is a one shot release from Kureha One.
It's my first time doing this so there's bound to be alot of errors, don't flame me for it.
I take no credit except for the fact that I translated it.
This really took me a while because I couldn't get over the rage! Now I understand why no one wants to sub NTRs.

Hongfire has deleted my post in their hentai anime torrent section, I don't know why. Are they saying that the subs suck too much?

Warning! this is NTR! (Google it!) It contains RAGE!

Well anyways... Enjoy! (Or rage!)

Torrent mirrored in attachments for members.

Or pick it up at Nyaatorrents.


thanks man you're a HERO.
I thought nobody will ever sub it. Will you translate the second ?
Or/and the true blue series, that would be great.
(i saw the second who is just release and now the rage is gone).


uagh NTR, not my cup of tea =p But nice to see a Kureha One release, keep up the nice work.


Someone want to give me the full names of the characters in EP2? Not making any promises though.



Sorry DDL sites hate me, you'll have to wait for some kind soul to do it.


oho NTR eh....well time for me to have the feeling of enjoying and raging at the same time


Someone want to give me the full names of the characters in EP2? Not making any promises though.

Do you mean the kid at the end?  His name is Ryota i believe, all the other characters are the same from the first, and that big guy only gets a few seconds of screen time so not sure he has a name, lol.  I, like others, hope this can be subbed to at least bring closure since it ended kind of strangely in a way, hope they make an ep. 3 or "Gaiden" type episode like true blue.  Oh and thanks for subbing the first one, you rock!


Well, the OAV is based on the visual novel of the same name, so I have the names of all from the game, if this helps:

Asato Samura

Akane Himemiya

Ayumi Himemiya

Kiyousuke Kamisaka

Ryouta Sasaki

Ryouji Samura

Yuuma Kimaki

Pretty much the whole cast right there.


Sorry guys, dont mean to sound like a noob and all.. But.. What is... NTR?
or rather... Netorare?

I mean.. I googled it.. but.. Im still abit.. unsure how to clearly specify.. this.. genre..

Any examples of a popular 'Netorare Anime Character'.. perhaps?... The only thing that comes to mind.. is.. Princess Peach.. from Mario.. >_<

.. Granted.. She's not an 'anime' character technically.. but you guys get the point right?


Peach doesn't actually count as Mario at least gets her at the end of the games and it's a happy ending.

Long story short, the main character's girl gets seduced/raped/blah blah blah by someone other than the main character or the girl cheats and usually follows up with them being broken/sluts. Bad End, bad guy wins, main guy gets left with nothing. This doesn't usually apply to anime, it's a niche in VNs and hentai. Blue series being the most famous. Years ago I accidently stumbled upon True Blue. I hated it and never touched another Blue series or anything like it until Triangle Blue, (what can I say I'm a sucker for long haired character designs).

There was a small demand for this to be subbed and subbers didn't want to do NTR, I subbed it, it made another void in me.

Well let's see if someone else subs the second ep, I'm not quite up to another ragefest yet. I do have the timings for the second ep though if anyone wants them.


Hey thanks for the introduction to a niche genre. o_O
Errr...well at least NTR is "realistic" in it that the bad guy wins. >.>



you know as i read that my mind went... "What?!"

Oh wow. Totally speechless here. Guess it really broadens my view on people's tastes.. No offense to those that enjoy these of course.. (Im a guy who play VNs, in a class of snotty 'pure-breds' bobtards, so im not gonna be a hypocrite)


To me, at least its not.. Necro. >_>

Respects to Kureha despite the fact that i think im gonna let this series... slide.. away from me.. slowly.. LOL. XDD
Great job on the release nonetheless man..



um... I think you should have posted that in the second volume thread but yeah, you're welcome.